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Lawsuit Settlement Loans Canada

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Disability Loans

Having your long-term disability claim denied can have devastating financial repercussions. You are unable to work because of an illness or injury and are forced to sue the insurance company for benefits. Unfortunately, disability lawsuits can take a long time. How can you survive with no income to pay your mortgage, household expenses, and the cost of expensive prescriptions? Remember, the insurance company is counting on this financial pressure to make you desperate and accept an unfair settlement.

A Lifeline Disability Lawsuit Loan will help you cover your most urgent expenses while you are waiting for your lump-sum settlement or reinstatement. This will relieve some of your financial pressure, allowing you fight the insurance company and obtain a fair settlement.

Personal Injury Loans

Getting hurt in a car accident or slip and fall can cause more than physical injury; it can dramatically worsen your finances. While you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering, lawsuits can take a long time to resolve. How will you cover your bills let alone pay for expensive treatment such as physiotherapy?

A Lifeline Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan can help ease the financial pressure of being involved in an accident. You can use the loan to cover your urgent expenses and help fund the medical treatment you need to get better. We can help ease your financial burden while your lawyer works to get you the compensation you deserve.

Employment Dismissal Loans

Losing your employment is a traumatic psychological and financial event. Most people don’t see it coming, so how can they financially prepare? On top of this, employers are not always fair when it comes to paying severance. Many employees have to fight for the compensation that they deserve and sometimes this can take months or even years. If you have lost your job and have bills to pay while you await a fair settlement or court award, a Lifeline Dismissal Lawsuit Loan can ease the pressure of accumulating debt and help hold you over until you settle or reemploy.

As well, if you are engaged in a wrongful dismissal case, one of your ex-employer’s main tactics is to try to delay your case, knowing that your financial pressure and legal fees are mounting. A Lifeline Dismissal Lawsuit Loan will help you cover your most urgent expenses while the case goes on so that you can fight your ex-employer properly and obtain the fair settlement you deserve.

Lifeline Rate Match Guarantee

Lifeline Litigation Loans guarantees the lowest lawsuit interest rates in Canada. If you have been approved for a lawsuit loan
with a lower interest rate by another litigation loan company, we will not only match their interest rate but offer you a rate at
1.5% lower. Our rate match guarantee is contingent upon the approval of your loan application by Lifeline.