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About Us – Disability & Injury Loans

Lifeline Litigation Loans Inc. is a federally incorporated litigation loan company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. We specialise in providing law suit loans to injured and disabled clients across Canada.

We pride ourselves in having the lowest law suit loan rates in Canada, backed by our Lifeline Rate Match Guarantee. Our disability loans can reduce financial stress and hardship that result from being in a lawsuit and can help you to “win the waiting game” and get the settlement you deserve.

  • Mahsa Mahmodani
    Mahsa MahmodaniChief Loan OfficerMahsa Mahmodani is the Chief Loan Officer at Lifeline Litigation Loans Inc. Mahsa has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, specializing in commercial loan underwriting with BMO Financial Group. Mahsa helps injured and disabled Canadians obtain law suit and disability loan financing so they can survive financially while their legal case is ongoing.